Our Mission

is to increase human capital and support positive social mobility
by identifying, funding and guiding students in their pursuit
of cost effective higher education.


How we do it

Our business model is as simple as it is unique. Rather then relying on complex models to predict outcomes, we start by identifying successful outcomes and then seek students that have made strong commitments to these paths that data show are likely to succeed.


What we do

• We invest in Income Sharing Agreements.
• ISA's provide tuition and cost of living funding to students in selected programs at selected schools.
• In return students pay EEI a fixed percentage of their earnings for 10 years or less.



As of March 31, 2020

To date we have invested $1,724,000 in 100 students.

Graduation, career track employment and payment are all running over 90%.

CohortUndergrad StudentsGrad StudentsTotal StudentsGraduatesStill In SchoolDrop-OutsEmployed in RepaymentTotal Dollars Invested in CohortDollars Per Student in CohortInvestment Returns to Date% of Capital Returned to Date
Class of 2014-15 Cohort I01010100010333,00033,300334,000100
Class of 2015-16 Cohort II11617152016384,00022,600119,00031
Class of 2016-17 Cohort III37109107238,00023,80057,00024
Class of 2017-18 Cohort IV0885308214,00026,70025,00012
Class of 2018-19 Cohort V0343426260347,00010,20020,0005
Class of 2019-20 Cohort VI0212102100208,0009,90000


Without EEI funding, I would not have been able to go back for my Master’s and Principal License at Harvard.

Donna Cross, Harvard Graduate School of Education School Leadership Program 2015, MTSS Coordinator - Evanston/Skokie School District 65

Equity stuck with me as the name of the company, because we are always fighting for that.

Efrain Martinez, Principal of Orozco Elementary School CPS

I didn't want to take out anymore federal loans. EEI has funded the whole program. Making it possible for me to do it.

Gwynth Kram, EdD UIC 2018

Education Equity, Inc. (EEI) was established to help students pay for post-secondary education. We co-invest with students to support their pursuit of cost-effective education and rewarding careers. Our business model provides students with a unique funding opportunity, and our investors with a return that is fair, and satisfying.

EEI brings both capital and well researched knowledge to the partnership it forms with the students it funds. We specialize in synthesizing research and data from higher education and the labor market. In researching the intersection of these two traditionally separate worlds we seek to identify the most cost-effective educational programs.

Andrew A. Davis

formed Education Equity, Inc. (EEI) in 2012. His objective was to use market economics to bring investor capital to serve capable but underfunded students. EEI provides funds for students to attend selected post-secondary programs in return for a small and fixed percentage of the student’s future earnings. These contracts, now called Income Sharing Agreements, were conceptualized first by Milton Friedman nearly sixty years ago.

Previously Davis was the Executive Director of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC). He took over the leadership of ISAC on the eve of the Global Financial Crisis in 2007 and led the agency in a strategic refocusing on Illinois students. The restructuring earned the taxpayers over $500 million while reducing agency head-count by 45%. The re-focused agency strengthened its goals of meeting the needs of low-income and first generation Illinois college students.

Prior to ISAC, Andrew had a 25-year career in the financial trading business. In the US Stock Market his firm was an early adaptor of algorithmic trading. Davis was actively involved in the initial creation of trading markets for foreign exchange and petroleum options.

Davis is a 1979 graduate of Beloit College with a BA in Economics. He served on the Beloit College Board of Trustees for seventeen years, the last five years as Board Chair. Married with four children, he lives in Chicago where his two younger children attend Chicago Public Schools.


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