The Mission of Education Equity, Inc. is to increase human capital and support positive social mobility by identifying, funding and guiding students in their pursuit of cost effective higher education.

Our Values and experience teach us that when we collaborate with others, full disclosure, alignment of interests, and a sense of equity lead to the best results.

Clients, Capitalists, Employees, Program Partners and Vendors are each critical to the success of Education Equity, Inc. Each of these relationships is enhanced when both parties communicate succinctly and frankly their expectations and goals. It is also the responsibility of each party to carefully listen and understand their counterparts.
Educational Equity, Inc. has a duty to balance the costs and the benefits of the educational investment for both the student and the financial investor.

  • Educational Equity, Inc.  has a duty to balance the earnings of the capitalist with the earnings of EEI’s employees.
  • EEI has a further duty to seek equity in the distribution of compensation among its employees.

EEI’s business is structured with the expectation that each of its five constituencies have, at a minimum, the following expectations.

  • Students expect and are entitled to a committed financial partner who will help them make evidence based commitments to educational programs that effectively advance the student’s career goals.
  • Investors are entitled to a well-reasoned expectation of a fair and sustainable return on their money.
  • Employees work diligently with an expectation of fair and full compensation based on the reality of the company’s business results.
  • Vendors are owed a clear statement of expectations regarding, deliverable work products, completion time and compensation.
  • Program partners are also owed a clear statement of expectations that defines both what they deliver to and take from the relationship with EEI.

Our Ethics will meet and exceed the expectations of the community that we operate in.  EEI’s commitment to members of the various communities in which it operates are as follows.

  • To be a good corporate citizen and operate with respect for the people, culture and physical environment of our world.
  • To operate with the greatest deference to the spirit and the letter of the law.