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Andy Davis Presents ISA’s At Hardwick Day Summit

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I am at the Hardwick Day Summit on Enrollment and the Economy, observing and listening to a group of sophisticated and focused college leaders and enrollment specialists explore the trends and requirements of their craft. It is fascinating.

Later this morning I will speak with them on what part Income Sharing Agreements (equity based student funding) can have in helping schools shape the student body they want on terms that are economically viable for the school and most importantly are attractive to students.

Along the way in the slides I have made reference to documents and articles that are relevant to the discussion. The web links for those items are here.
Capitalism and Freedom
Investing in Human Capital
Investing in value, sharing risk: Financing higher education through Income Share Agreements
Lower the risk of investing in college with Income Share Agreements
How Income Share Agreements Could Play a Role in Higher Ed Financing
Back A Boiler
Human Equity? Regulating the New Income Share Agreements
Education Equity, Inc.
Student and Parent Perspectives on Higher Education Financing

Hardwick Day ISA presentation

A Good Read…

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If Milton Friedman were still alive, how would he approach the current student-loan mess? The legendary free-market economist signaled his views in provocative essays a half-century ago, where he argued that it’s a mistake to put everyone on the same repayment schedule, regardless of how well or poorly their destinies play out. Instead, Friedman favored a new system in which repayments would be tied to students’ future earnings. (Full article on Forbes)

Wall Street Journal Coverage

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Today’s Wall Street Journal covers Education Equity, Inc. and the concept of equity investing in students. We are one of two currently operating in the space. The most important point is that our students are very satisfied with the product.

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