Congratulations to you on your decision to be a Golden Apple Scholar.

This year, academic year 2016-2017, there is a new choice available for you to help fund your third and fourth years of undergraduate education. Half way through college, it may be easier now to visualize completing your degree than it was when you first arrived on campus. How you will pay for the last two years maybe less certain.

Beginning this fall of 2016, Education Equity, Inc. (EEI) an innovative Chicago based education funding company is partnering with The Golden Apple Foundation (GA)to offer an additional way to help you pay tuition.

EEI offers equity funding as an alternative to debt funding. Equity funding means your payback in future years is always tied directly to your ability to pay. Your obligation is a fixed percentage of your income: low income means low payment, high income means higher payment and NO income means No payment. Unlike a traditional lender, EEI shares the risk of your career earnings with you. Our interests are totally aligned with yours.

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