EEI is a focused specialty finance company.  We synthesize research and data from higher education and from the labor market to identify promising educational programs and career paths.  The goal in researching the intersection of information from these traditionally separate worlds is to identify programs that lead our students to cost-effective educational programs and rewarding careers.  We know there are many positive attributes to education beyond the financial benefits that accrue in the job market. Our role though, and commitment to our students and investors, is to focus on the return on educational investment (ROEI).

Since the company was formed in 2012, EEI has issued a series of Convertible Notes that in total have raised over one million dollars. This initial funding has been used to prove out the efficacy of EEI’s model for investing in student Income Sharing Agreements. Having proven our model the company now seeks to raise equity funding to expand and scale to a size where EEI’s margins and profitability will be consistently positive. In the future there may be opportunity to securitize pools of our investments. At present thought we envision holding all of our investments on our own balance sheets.

EEI’s innovative strategy aligns the interests of students and investors by linking the investment return for investors to a percentage of the students’ earned income during their first ten years of employment. By carefully screening our potential investments we can manage returns and benefit both our investors and our student partners.

*The information contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Investments in Educational Equity, Inc. or any affiliated LLC can only be made by private placement memorandum and related subscription documents, which will be provided to accredited investors on a confidential basis at their request for their consideration in connection with such offering.