Quarterly Reports

2017 Quarter 3

By November 27, 2017 No Comments

During the summer of 2017 Education Equity, Inc.’s Cohort III of students, graduated from Harvard, Penn, Lehigh, Illinois State University, and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
All of them are now employed. Our Cohort IV began studies at Harvard, Lehigh and University of Illinois at Chicago. In September we invested our One Millionth Dollar in high-quality high- return education.

Education Equity, Inc. is no longer an experiment. We are now a successful demonstration of how EEI”s unique underwriting process combined with a seamless alignment of interest serves both students and investors well. The social benefits that our investments create are seen in the results at schools such as McCutcheon Elementary in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. In a neighborhood with more than its’ fair share of poverty and homelessness Gwyneth Kram leads a 1+ CPS rated school. Ms. Kram is one of six students that EEI has supported at The University Of Illinois at Chicago’s EdD in Urban School Leadership Program.

Now our task is to grow the business to a scale that is profitable and even more significant in its’ impact. Over the next six months our goal is to raise three million dollars in a “Series A” equity financing. This additional capital along with the one million plus we have already invested and combined with conservative debt issuance will allow us to invest over two million dollars annually in a group of over 100 students by school year 2019-2020.