Quarterly Reports

2018 Quarter 1

By May 14, 2018 No Comments

This winter EEI worked closely with Chicago’s Academy for Urban School Leadership, AUSL, to design a unique and innovative funding plan for residents of AUSL’s Chicago Teacher Residency program, CTR. The Chicago Teacher Residency is a yearlong urban teacher training program that equips residents with the training and skills to impact classrooms. Click Here.

In addition to the scholarships offered by AUSL to the residents, EEI is now offering additional funding that is designed to make the residents participation affordable while providing a superior alternative to traditional student loans. This additional funding has been well received by the residents and has been a useful element for AUSL in recruiting the cohort they seek.

The scale of this program (100 residents per year) is a step up for EEI but one that fits perfectly in our plans for growth. The targeted aspect of this program and the consistent high-quality results make a perfect match for the returns we seek for our students and our investors.
We expect to fund 25 to 30 of the residents for 2018-2019.

EEI also continues to support and recruit other educators in the programs that we have had consistently good results with. These include Columbia Teachers College Summer Principal’s Academy, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Lehigh University’s Urban Principals Academy, and The University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Education’s Urban School Leadership program.

This spring we have one undergraduate earning her degree at UIC and one at Illinois State. These two maintain our record of 100% graduation from Bachelors programs. At the Masters level One will graduate from Harvard GSE, she will continue our perfect record on Masters degree completion. Finally we have our first two Doctor’s degrees. One as a EdD from UIC and One Medical Doctor from the Medical College of Wisconsin.