Quarterly Reports

Year end Report December 31st, 2016

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As of the end of 2016 EEI has invested $821,000 in thirty-seven students. All ten students in Cohort I are graduated, employed and in repayment. In Cohort II, twelve of the seventeen students have completed their degrees. Of those twelve graduates, eleven are employed and in payment. Five of the cohort are still in school. Two of those still in school, are working full time and in payment.

The ten students in Cohort III are all in school and on track. We have begun the identification of Cohort IV and have two UIC EdD candidates signed so far. The next student signed will be our fortieth student and will represent, when fully, funded our first million dollars of investment in cost effective higher education.

This year we added for funding, students attending The University of Pennsylvania, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Illinois State University. In this year we are also pleased by the growing career success of our students. Three are now Principals of Chicago area schools. Many are AP’s and hold other senior administrative roles in schools in Chicago, Denver, Georgetown, Massachusetts New Orleans and St. Paul, Minnesota. We now also have our first international placement, with one of our MIT graduates accepting an economic consulting job in London.

The most important aspect of our work this year has been the continued steady results of our investments as reflected in the academic and career success of the students we invest in. Measured by EEI’s share of the financial returns earned by the students we invest in, our model of highly predictable and low variance of income is validated by the data. Our model reverses engineers future results by using a top-down analysis of labor market and school placement data to guide our investments. It works.

Year two career data for our Cohort I students is beginning to reveal the longer term returns. In their second year of post-graduate work our cohort I is earning on average 15% more than in their first year.

These results will aid us as we seek the capital that will allow us to scale up and serve more students while we also achieve profitability for our investors.