We have funded or are willing to fund students admitted to the following programs:
  • Columbia University Teachers College- Summer Principal’s Academy Master’s Degree
  • Dominican University
  • Golden Apple Scholars at various Illinois Colleges and Universities
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education- School Leadership program Master’s Degree
  • Illinois State University College of Education
  • Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business
  • Lehigh University Urban Principals Academy
  • Medical College of Wisconsin Medical School
  • MIT Sloan School- Master’s Degree in Finance
  • Northern Illinois University College of Business
  • Southern Illinois University College of Education
  • University of Illinois at Chicago College of Education-Ed.D in Urban School Leadership
  • University of Illinois at Chicago College of Public Health
  • University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education


Rather than making you a loan at fixed interest, EEI funds you now in return for a fixed percentage of your income later. By aligning our interests precisely with yours we both share the risk of your future and have every incentive to help you succeed.

Application Process

What makes EEI unique?

Weighing Your Options

Comparing the Cost: EEI vs. Loans at Harvard or Columbia

Comparing the Cost: EEI vs. Loans at UIC, Lehigh, or Dominican