Education Equity, Inc. (EEI) was established to help students pay for post-secondary education. We co-invest with students to support their pursuit of cost-effective education and rewarding careers. Our business model provides students with a unique funding opportunity, and our investors with a return that is substantial, and beneficial to society.

EEI brings both capital and well researched knowledge to the partnership it forms with the students it funds. We specialize in synthesizing research and data from higher education and the labor market. In researching the intersection of these two traditionally separate worlds we seek to identify the most cost-effective educational programs.

Andrew A. Davis

is the Founder and CEO of Education Equity, Inc. (EEI). Davis founded the company in 2012 having learned through experience that political gridlock combined with fiscal constraints have led governmental entities to consistently under-invest in the education of lower-income students. His objective was, and is, to use market economics to bring the willing capital of investors to serve capable but underfunded students. In doing so EEI creates benefits for students, society, and investors. EEI provides funds for students to attend selected post-secondary programs, in return for a small and fixed percentage of their future earnings. This idea was conceptualized by Milton Friedman over fifty years ago, but has only been executed recently. EEI is one of the leaders in this field of Income Sharing Agreements.

Previously Andrew was the Executive Director of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC). He took over the leadership of ISAC on the eve of the Global Financial Crisis in 2007 and led the strategic re-focusing of the agency. In returning ISAC to the service of Illinois students (as the legislature intended when they created the agency) the agency saved and earned over $500 million for Illinois, its’ taxpayers and students. The re-focused agency strengthened its’ goals of meeting the needs of low-income and first generation Illinois college students, while reducing agency head-count by 45%.

Prior to ISAC, Andrew had a 25-year career in the financial services business.   In the US Stock Market his firm was an early adaptor of automated & algorithmic trading technology as well as the application of artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to enhance market-making.  He was actively involved in the initial creation of trading markets for foreign exchange and petroleum derivative products.

Davis is a 1979 graduate of Beloit College with a BA in Economics. He served on the Beloit College Board of Trustees for seventeen years, the last five years as Board Chair. Davis is on the Board of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, where he is the Treasurer. Over the last six years he has served multiple terms as Treasurer of PPIL and an interim term as Board Chair. Married with four children, he lives in Chicago where his two younger children attend Chicago Public Schools.


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